Current locations | Marlon: Palervale, Durom | Raskin: Dolurn, Kyndale

Welcome to Arrosfar!

Here’s some basic information to get a character started.


  • Dwarf – standard Hill Dwarf, mainly reside in the dwarven kingdom of Durom.
  • Goblin ( Homebrew stats) – Small, shrewd, greenish creatures. +2 Charisma, -2 Strength. (Think WoW goblins, not DnD goblins). Mainly reside in towns on the plains of Durok O’tar.
  • Human – split into two populations. The Varken are pale humans which reside in the northwestern region of Kyndale. The Al-Emberi are tanned humans which reside in the Southern Seas desert. Both use standard Human stats.


Political map of Arrosfar

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