Palervale is a dwarven village near the western border of Durom. Palervale is near Gruk ‘Thal to the west, Chortan’s Ridge to the north, Targas to the east, and the Coran Pass Ruins to the south. Palervale lies along the Thron River.


The Jolly Crow
Ale, mug: 3 cp
Ale, gallon: 1 sp, 5 cp
Meal, one: 5 cp

The Jolly Crow

The Jolly Crow is Palervale’s divey tavern, catering to mainly rowdy adventurers and drunks. The bar is owned and operated by Keltar Coalstriker.

Non-Player Characters

Thadrick Boarshelm is a shady character that lives near the Palervale village limits. It is claimed that in his younger days he worked as a soldier of fortune in Durok O’tar and amassed a small treasure. These days, he spends most of his time drinking in the Jolly Crow. He is rumored to be a dwarven nationalist and specifically dislikes goblins.

Keltar Coalstriker is the gruff, balding bartender and owner of the Jolly Crow. He is not particularly passionate about the ale he serves.

Svein Thorald is a scribe at the village general store.


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